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Save the dates: SEPTEMBER 6 - 9
The SDAT team will be in town to meet with the entire community. Details coming soon. Sign up to be on the email list to get the latest information.


Donor Recognition Page

It takes a lot of cash to make this project a reality. We added the page to show appreciation for the donations we have received. If you would like to donate please contact us.


The Helper Hope Labyrinth

Have you been to the labyrinth yet? It is beautiful! See the photos below #helperhopelabyrinth


Meeting Notes

The preliminary meeting with SDAT was on Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Click here to read the minutes from the meeting.


Helper, Utah Revitalization Project

SDAT Meetings Wednesday- Friday, September 6th-8th

Find out how you can participate!

The Helper Revitalization Steering Committee, with approval from Helper City, applied for the grant. We are one of only seven communities across the nation to receive SDAT grant in 2017.

Spread the word! Come to the workshops, meet the team and share your ideas. We are looking for volunteers to help the effort. Most importantly make your voice heard and then get ready to roll up your sleeves to make those ideas a reality. This effort will only be as successful as we, the Helper community, make it. Join the movement!

Click here for the schedule of community meetings and workshops. You won't want to miss your opportunity to attend the Public Presentation on Findings to wrap up the process.

Click here for FAQ's to find out what is going on and how you can participate.

Click here for the bios of the SDAT team chosen specifically for our town.

Click here to meet the Steering Committee.

We are still working on the South Main Street Design. Stay tuned for updates after the SDAT Meetings.

Mission Statement
Creating a vibrant and beautiful city respectful of our heritage, with community direction, to attract tourists, increase economic activity, and bolster local pride.

July 10, 2017: Update on the South Main Street Design

We had a little hold up waiting on funding to come in but committees are moving along to get things selected such as gravel, trees, furniture, language bricks etc. Progress is being made! Boring under the street for electrical on the west side of the street will happen soon and water will be in place. Then everything else can go in after that.

We have made a slight change to the tree placement and direction of one of the gabion benches after suggestions from more experts, see the picture above.

On June 12th the Helper Revitalization Design Sub-Committee presented the community selected design to the Urban Design Utah group, a subset of the AIA. The purpose of the meeting was to present the design and collect their feedback. The presentation lasted roughly an hour. The feedback focused on tree placement and recommendations associated with lighting and shaded seating. During the course of our design efforts, we failed to establish a pattern to the public space. Their recommendations included the bullets below:

*Redistribute trees in the space to build canopies of shade. This shade will not only increase shaded seating areas, it will also block late afternoon sun from the buildings on the east side of Main Street.
*Trees should be planted in the fall for the optimal time to grow. More mature trees will grow slower but start larger. Smaller trees will grow quickly but take longer. Delaying the planting will increase the chance of survival. 
*Invert one of the gabions so that people can gather and sit facing each other.
*Increase light posts to support the pattern 
setting. All lighting will be dark skies compliant and the same style of posts will be included in the traffic calmers. 
*Focus on infrastructural requirements and get the traffic calmers done first.
*They also recommended informing our state representatives that any consideration of reducing historic designations which may affect Helper be called to their attention to guard against such changes.

We were then asked to present to Preservation UT on Thursday, June 22. This group found our revitalization team via the SDAT as our historical expert has been selected and was discussing Helper at a conference in Seattle! The focus of this presentation was split between design and SDAT activities. Their interest is in assisting with the preservation of the historic Main Street and participating in the SDAT. Feedback from this group focused specifically on the trees and type of trees. This was a great networking opportunity and we look forward to engaging them on such items as the restoration of the Helper City Main Street Arch and so on.

Design Implementation Groups

Are you interested in joining an implementation group? Please contact us if you would like to lend a helping hand.

Some of the groups we are looking for interested community members to join include the following:

  • -  Concrete Pour/Brick Placement
  • -  Gravel
  • -  Lighting
  • -  Boulder Placement
  • -  Tree Prep & Planting
  • -  Language Bricks
  • -  Landscaping
  • -  Planters
  • -  Benches
  • -  Furniture
  • -  Fire pits
  • -  Time Capsule