Helper, Utah Revitalization Project

The Community Collaboration Design

The work will start on both sides of Main Street where "the wedge" is located. As funds become available other areas along Main Street will be enhanced consistent with this design.

Design Criteria

The goal for design standards is to preserve Helper’s heritage, enhance its livability and maintain adherence to design quality. The purpose of the design criteria is to foster the development of  a high quality and innovative, sustainable design for Main Street which can then be extrapolated to the north and south portions of the Street. 

Design Criteria
1. Encourage design excellence.
2. Integrate design and preservation of our heritage into the process.
3. Enhance the character of all of Main Street taking special note of our history and authenticity.
4. Timelessness of the design – the resulting designs should be relevant today and years into the future.
5. Provide for a pleasant, rich and diverse experience for locals and visitors.
6. Create a space of equability – all space treated as equally important and centered to itself.
7. Provide for the humanization of the City through the promotion of the arts.
8. Ensure flexibility of public space i.e. encouraging the use of the space throughout the year for various activities which includes areas for gathering/socializing and other events.
9. Create a design which can sustain the elements and is not overly complex in regards to maintenance.
10. Landscape items should be indigenous to our area and thrive in a high desert environment.
11. The design must consider ease of business access or “walkability.”
12. Safety for pedestrians in the public space.
13. Use of natural elements reflecting our environment.
14. Bike racks for cyclists, artistic elements, benches, trash cans, lamp posts and other design elements are strongly encouraged.

In closing, the process is meant to allow for “big dreams” in the treatment of Main Street. It is critical to create an environment which encourages locals and visitors alike to visit and enjoy the public space Helper City has to offer. Community engagement is a key component to building a space everyone can be proud of to call their city.